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Vibhuti Garg

Associate and Senior Energy Specialist

Vibhuti Garg is a power sector expert with a focus on economic and statistical analysis. She has a deep understanding of power sector including acts and policies in India. Vibhuti has been involved in identification and quantification of producer subsidies in India, market design mechanisms to promote short-term markets, clean energy and private participation in various areas of the energy sector. She has worked on numerous assignments in the power and fuels market, including the implementation of the pilot study on Demand-Response with Rajasthan Discom under a public-private partnership model. She has extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, including issues related to integrating wind energy and implementing drivers and mechanisms for scaling up renewable energy-based power generation. Vibhuti has advised a number of private and public sector clients about a range of power sector market issues, including: commercial and market entry strategies, market diligence for investment in power projects, the impact of power sector performance on state finances, recommendations on least-cost options for energy supply, long- and short-term demand, and price forecasting.

Prior to joining IISD, she has worked as a manager at ICF International and AF-Mercados Energy Markets India and as a Research Associate in the Energy Reforms, Regulatory Studies and Governance division of TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute).

  • Education

    Master of Arts (Economics), (2003), Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University

    Bachelor of Arts (Economics), (2001), Hansraj College, Delhi University